Commodore’s Corner – March 2017

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Commodore’s Corner

Hi fellow Vikings,

It has been a while since I’ve updated you on the most recent happenings in the club.

I’ll start with the most exciting topic – our new keelboat is here! We named her Tyra, thanks for all of you participating in the survey.  The name Tyra means “A woman who appears very refined if a little haughty and who has a powerful presence. Independent and headstrong, she has bags of energy and usually gets her way without too much difficulty. Proud, and a little conceited.” so a great name for a Viking boat.  If not already done, please come and have a look.  You might have noticed our new logo on the boat and other places.  It is taken from an original Viking boat with sails added to the back of the dragon.  Thank you, Liz, for the beautiful design.  Also, she’s yours to use, go and book her.  You only need a skipper and 2IC and then you can take her out.  If any questions, please reach out to Greg Kostiw, he’ll can answer all your inquiries and help you with the booking process.

Also, we’re in our 50th year!  This is so amazing; we’re the one of the longest standing co-op sailing clubs in Vancouver.  Something we can truly be proud of.  Stay tuned for more to come regarding the festivities, but please mark the weekend of June 24th and 25th in your calendar for the big celebration.  If you’d like to get involved in planning the events, please reach out to Veronica Owens, our Quartermaster.

I’m also very happy to share that our new family membership has been taken up quite a bit, which is great.  It allows your spouse and children to sail with you on our dinghies (if you’re senior rated) or Tyra without paying the guest fees and without limitations.

We still allow guests to be invited, please remember that the guest fees for the keelboat and/or the dinghy fleet apply and they have to be registered at the JSC front desk.  Also, there is a limit of 2 times on the dinghy per guest as well as we’re not training guests on the dinghies.  We’re hoping to entice the guests to become members of the club, then we will train them properly.  Speaking of training, please check our website for the training schedule and sign up to train our novices.

For those of you who have already renewed their membership, thank you very much. For those who haven’t yet, there is still time.  I know it’s a bit hard to think about sailing just yet with all the snow happening, but it will start really soon!

Hope to see you soon on the beach and also on our Member’s night on March 29th.  This will be another fun event.


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It’s that time of year again: Viking Member Night!

Join us on March 29, 2017 from 7:00 -10 pm at the Surf & Turf Room, Jericho Sailing Club: 1300 Discovery Street in Vancouver, BC.

There will be food, nibbles, silly photos and lots of talk about sailing: how to do it, how to do more of it, and how to get psyched for the 2017 sailing season!

If you are a brand new Viking or want to be a Viking, this is a great opportunity to get your questions answered to meet your future sailing partners!

Feel free to invite others to our Members Night via our Facebook event page as well.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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2017 Vikings Members Night

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Our brand new 34′ cruise boat has a name…


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The Vikings have spoken!

The votes are in, and our brand new, shiny 34′ Bavaria cruiser will be called…


The meaning of the name Tyra is “like a thunder.”

She is docked down at Granville for a little while longer if you’d like to take a quick peek from the dock. She does not have her name on the side quite yet, but look for the 34′ with the SOLD sign. That one is ours!

There will be an official naming/christening party soon. The date will be determined once all of the paperwork is wrapped up and we know when the boat will legally be in our possession (hopefully mid February). Stay tuned…

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