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Viking Sailing Club – COVID-19 Tyra Safety Plan PDF File:

Viking Sailing Club – COVID-19 Tyra Safety Plan


Plan is as follows:

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Please review and sign with your entire crew before beginning your cruise.

To Sail on Tyra, You Must:
● Comply with all Viking Sailing Club (VSC) rules as well as local, provincial, and federal
directives for controlling the spread of COVID-19.
● Never board Tyra if you feel sick or have any of the published Covid-19 symptoms (including but
not limited to: fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, stuffy
or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, loss of appetite). Follow
all provincial guidelines on testing and isolation if you do have symptoms.
● Take responsibility for your own health and understand your own risk and your household’s risk.
This includes having a frank and open conversation with everyone in your crew about their and
their household’s risk and potential for exposure.
● Wash or sanitize your hands frequently during your cruise and do not touch your face. This is an
effective and simple method of protecting yourself and those around you.
● Have a mask available to wear at your discretion. If symptoms emerge during a cruise, wear
your mask, disembark as soon as safely possible to get home, and get tested for COVID-19.
● Disinfect the boat thoroughly at the end of your cruise in accordance with the Tyra COVID-19
disinfecting checklist. Consider disinfecting before the start of your cruise for your own comfort.
● Understand that there are risks associated with sailing on Tyra, and that the measures taken by
the Viking Sailing Club, skippers, and all other participants, including those carried out in
accordance with this plan, will not entirely eliminate those risks.
● Stay up-to-date and be aware that this is a rapidly changing situation.
● Be patient and kind to everyone as we navigate these challenges together.

Skipper Responsibilities
● COVID-19 safety is the responsibility of everyone on board. As with all matters of safety, the
skipper has ultimate responsibility and authority on board when it comes to managing COVID-
19 risks.
● Ensure that you and all members of the crew read and sign this COVID-19 Tyra Safety Plan at
the beginning of your cruise.
● Ensure that the final Tyra COVID-19 disinfecting checklist is carried out and signed at the end of
your cruise.
● As part of sail planning, be sure to verify the availability of fuel, water, food, and moorage in
your planned destinations, as many facilities may be closed or restricted.
● Check the status of marine provincial parks before visiting.
● Be aware that some communities may restrict or prohibit visitors in order to protect themselves
from COVID-19. Always verify that planned destinations allow visitors.
● Be aware that the Coast Guard has advised that while rescue services continue to be available,
they may be limited compared to previous years.
● For day sails, consider limiting access to cabins or limiting who goes below deck for reasons
other than visiting the head.
● Be prepared for closures and restrictions to change on short notice during your cruise. Have a
contingency plan for what you will do if a crew member, 2IC, or you, develops symptoms during
your cruise.
● Record name and contact info in the log of anyone who boards Tyra who is not on your crew.



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Sailing with Your Social Circle
● Proper social distancing will be impossible to maintain over the duration of a cruise. Therefore, it
is important to carefully choose the people with whom you sail.
● Limit your crew to people you consider to be part of your COVID-19 social circle (sometimes
referred to as your bubble), meaning the people with whom you have close contact who are not
part of your household.
● During Phase 2 of British Columbia’s restart plan, British Columbians are advised that if they
choose to expand their social circle, they must do so slowly and carefully.
● Everyone is ultimately responsible for determining their own COVID-19 social circle, but they
must do so while carefully considering risks to themselves and others, always isolating
themselves when ill or showing any COVID-19 symptoms, and keeping the overall size of their
COVID-19 social circle small.
Cruise Boat Policies
● All regular cruise boat policies continue to apply to sailing Tyra, with the exception of two
policies that are temporarily suspended or modified for the 2020 sailing season:
○ Rule 10 – specifies that all cruises longer than 5 days should have 3 Viking members on
board. This rule is temporarily suspended in order to make it easier for members to sail
within their social circle. That means that for the 2020 season a 7-day cruise with only
two Vikings on board is permitted.
○ Rule 11 – specifies reservation deposit and cancellation policies. Since members may
not board Tyra while ill, and since there is uncertainty as to when or if restrictions,
regulations, and the course of the pandemic will change, for the 2020 season Vikings
may cancel at any time and receive full refunds if they paid a booking deposit.

Cleaning and Disinfecting
● Tyra must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with appropriate disinfecting agents at the end
of every cruise in accordance with the Tyra COVID-19 disinfecting checklist.
● As with every shared space, you can never be 100% certain that something has been
disinfected when you arrive. Disinfect to your level of comfort when arriving at the boat.
● Each skipper should provide cleaning supplies for the cruise, in accordance with the Tyra
COVID-19 disinfecting checklist.
● Backup cleaning supplies are on board and must be replenished before the next cruise if used.



June 19th, 2020