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Regular Club Events

The Vikings plan a number of social and sailing events during the year to encourage meeting other sailors and making new friends. Major events include New Members Night in March, Sailpast in June and the Christmas party in December. In addition, the club encourages barbeques on the beach during the sailing season.

To see what is planned for this year, check out our events calendar.

Meet the Members Night

This is our traditional launch of the new season. For new members, it’s a great introduction to the club, learn a bit about how we do things, and meet lots of enthusiastic sailors. It’s also a night for returning members to get together and renew acquaintances and make new members feel welcome.

Club Cruises

May Cruise

Our primary club cruise event is the May Long Weekend Cruise. Typically, we charter four or five boats, with our own Bavaria 34 Tyra, and have around 30 berths available. This cruise is a great start to the sailing season and a very enjoyable way to meet other club members.

Fun Cruises

We also organize a number of Fun Cruises throughout the year where new members sailing on Tyra is the priority. Check out the club calendar for event dates.

BBQs and Training

When summer arrives, the Vikings are ready for it.

We have a two-burner propane barbecue available for members to use, a refrigerator in the clubroom to keep your goodies fresh, and a picnic table located just outside our clubhouse by the northwest gate of the Jericho Sailing Centre.

A Friday after work sail followed by a BBQ is part of the Viking tradition. BBQ after Novice training sessions is the perfect way to relax and review the day’s lessons and experiences. Or anytime!


Our Sailpast, usually held in late June, begins respectably enough. Anything owned by the Vikings that floats is launched with as many people as possible aboard for the ceremonial sail past and salute to the commodore. Sailing skills are tested as dinghies jockey for position to scoop up glasses of champagne handed out from our flagship Tyra. Not your normal, formal, Sailpast, proper form and respect of flag officers quickly goes overboard as water fights become the order of the day. Dry clothes, more refreshments, and dinner follow the mayhem on the high seas. It’s a very good time and highly recommended!

Christmas Party

Wrap up another great year at the Viking Christmas party. It’s a perfect time to look back on the past year and forward to a whole new year of sailing and fun just around the corner. Check out the club calendar for dates.